Now is an incredible time for more and more people and/or organisations to participate in the space sector. With this in mind we are organising Leicester’s first SpaceUp “unconference” in Leicester on 17th & 18th November 2018. We want you to be part of the conversation about space and for you to join us in this ‘new space’ revolution!

SpaceUp is a space unconference, where participants decide the topics, schedule, and structure of the event. Everyone who attends SpaceUp is encouraged to give a talk, moderate a panel, or start a discussion. Sessions are proposed and scheduled on the day they’re given, which means the usual “hallway conversations” turn into full-fledged topics.

We are very keen to use the event to connect creatives, digital enthusiasts, tech savvies, makers, aspiring entrepreneurs and more to prove you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to get involved with space. It is the hope that new space ideas, groups and even starts-up would emerge from this event.

There are no spectators at SpaceUp, only participants. All attendees are expected to give a demo, present a talk, or participate in a panel or roundtable. Learn at the SpaceUp site more about how it works.

Link with us on social media! Like us on Facebook and join our event, follow us on Twitter and on Instagram. Follow the latest news and join the discussions with our hashtag #SpaceUpLeics.

Further information can be found at:

Leicester as the place for space

Leicester celebrates over 50 years of space research. The University of Leicester has a long and distinguished record of involvement in space science. Every year since 1967 has seen a Leicester-built instrument operating in space. The University holds, and has held, vital roles in many space missions for space agencies including NASA, European Space Agency, UK Space Agency, ISRO (India) and JAXA (Japan), covering astronomical, planetary and Earth observation science missions. These include NASA/ESA’s James Webb Space Telescope, ESA’s BepiColombo mission, and ESA’s and EUMETSAT’s Meteosat Second Generation missions.

The city is also home to the National Space Centre – a key visitor attraction in the UK, which contains a wide variety of interactive hands on galleries related to space science, astronomy and technology.

Located next to the National Space Centre, DOCK was recently created as part of a new business investment area for innovation and technology industries, called ‘Pioneer Park’. It was selected as one of five regional space incubators in the UK to receive funding from the UK Space Agency, designed to enable the provision of a supportive business environment to space start-ups.

Space Park Leicester has also been set up as an ambitious initiative to develop a global hub and collaborative community based on space and space-enabled technologies. A collaboration between the University of Leicester, the City of Leicester and the Leicester and Leicestershire Economic Partnership (LLEP) it aims to be a hub for space research, learning, public engagement and innovation. The Park’s first building is expected to be ready by early 2020.

Building a grassroots community for ‘new space’

No longer is it just governments and large companies that can afford to launch satellites. We are on the verge of a ‘new space race’ where the players, technology, and services are as diverse as it is innovative.

Leicester is celebrated as one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the UK. With a population of around 500,000 people, Leicester is the tenth largest city in the UK. Located right at the heart of the UK it makes travel to other parts of the country easy. It is home to a growing entrepreneurial community with Leicester Startups and in the heart Leicester’s Cultural Quarter there is LCB Depot, home to creative enterprise and enterprising creatives.

The city is home to two leading universities: the University of Leicester and De Montfort University, which respectively are seeking to enable innovation through their respective centres: Leicester Innovation Hub and the Innovation Centre.

At SpaceUp Leicester we seek to connect with many of these existing groups and beyond to help bring about new ideas and foster innovation around space.

About SpaceUp

Since its inception in San Diego in 2010 the world has seen many dozens of SpaceUp Unconferences, bringing together thousands of people to talk about the past, present and future of space exploration, astronomy and everything related to that.

The first SpaceUp in Europe was held at the Cosmodrome in Genk, Belgium, on 22 and 23 September 2012. Europe has since seen SpaceUps in Poland, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Bulgaria and Russia. See the full history of SpaceUp.

The first SpaceUp:UK was held in 2014 in London, and subsequent SpaceUps in 2016 (London, Manchester) and 2018 (London). It will be the first time a SpaceUp has been held in Leicester.

About R&R Space Ltd

R&R Space Ltd (Company Number: 11412781) is the organising body of SpaceUp Leicester. Formed by two space enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs, Ryan Laird and Ryan Bradley-Evans, R&R Space is an events organiser focused on space entrepreneurship, which seeks to break down the formal barriers of entering the space industry, inspiring non-space groups into utilising space applications to help foster innovation.

Press contact:

Ryan Laird
Co-Founder, SpaceUp Leicester
Tel. +44 7599423050

Download a copy of the press release here. [PDF]

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