John Vickers - Blue Abyss

John Vickers left the British Army after eight years to work on leadership and management development programmes for a number of Fortune 100 companies. A subsequent move to IBM saw him heading up the department 18 months later. John was then head-hunted to GE Capital, followed by rapid promotion to lead the company’s eBusiness initiative. John has experience of start-ups, one of which influenced IBM to transform their own approach to eBusiness selling. John is also a qualified Six Sigma Black Belt practitioner and believes passionately about connecting our marine evolutionary heritage and future space exploration.

Blue Abyss’ primary function is to enable extreme environment development, both human and robotic, ranging from the offshore energy industry through to the growing human spaceflight sector and adventure tourism. Its pioneering centre will be the most comprehensive deep sea and space research, training and test facility of its kind in the world, unmatched in its breadth of configuration. Image credit: Blue Abyss

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Jo Hinchliffe - Libre Space Foundation

Jo Hinchliffe is a freelance maker, writer and also works on community development. A regular contributor to Hackspace magazine, his work has often focused on space and related technologies. He is a contributor to the Libre Space Foundation and has helped develop that communities profile. He built Wales' first SatNOGS network satellite groundstation and builds open source high power amateur rockets.

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Libre Space Foundation is working on several free software, open hardware and open data projects directly and indirectly related to space applications and technologies while producing open-data and know how for all. 

One of the most active Libre Space projects is SatNOGS, the open global satellite ground-station network. It is designed as an open source participatory project based on the users operating a ground station that is accessed via a web page for all of the network users.